A Proud moment for INIFD South Mumbai as we are awarded as the Top Private New Age Design Institute 2024 by Times of India, Mumbai

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Welcome to the enticing and rewarding world of interior design! At the outset, we’d like to congratulate you on your choice of interior designing as a career. Honestly, interior designing is a thriving profession globally. Consumers have become more demanding than ever! They need top-notch spaces that score high on the aesthetic and functional quotient. This is where your role, as an interior designer will come into picture. If you have that spirit to accept challenges, INIFD SOBO, one of the best interior designing colleges in Mumbai, is here to help.

Speaking of interior designing as a career, it is only going to grow in the years to come. As for India, our country is home to a thriving interior design industry. It is currently valued at USD 38.2 billion. But as it continues to grow, the need for more talented and qualified interior designers will grow enormously, making it a career to reckon with.

(Source - https://www.blueweaveconsulting.com/report/india-interior-design-market)

But what do interior designers do? Interior Designers craft spaces that resonate with our emotions and fulfil our needs. They leverage their broad skill set and technical knowledge to transform imagination into reality. Interior designers hold a unique talent of enhancing spaces. While enhancing a room’s aesthetics, they can optimize its functionality, thus making it more appealing to the eye and useful. Additionally, interior designers can glam up a space, while retaining its original charm!

interior design course in mumbai

While well-versed with various technical and aesthetic aspects like material, colour, etc., interior Designers are technologically equipped and can efficiently use 2D and 3D computer-aided design to deliver precision designs. They also know about structural requirements, health and safety concerns and various building codes.

At INIFD South Mumbai, as one of the leading interior design colleges in Mumbai, we ensure students make the most from our meticulously created curriculum. Here’s a glimpse of what you will learn via our interior design courses in Mumbai.

INIFD Interior Design Institute in Mumbai - Course Overview

This is where students are acquainted with the fundamentals of interior design and introduced to many of its vital aspects. The curriculum is carefully designed and delivered to help students strengthen their basics.

Our Mentors

At INIFD South Mumbai, as one of the credible interior design colleges in Mumbai, we have some of the best interior design mentors. Our mentors resonate with our vision of creating a generation of capable interior designers. They are extensively experienced and come from solid professional backgrounds that signify their credibility. Their teaching style and abilities can help transform an amateur into a highly qualified and capable interior design professional.

interior design institute in mumbai

Eligibility Certification Course

  • A creative and logical thought process
  • Determination to be successful
  • Minimum qualification of 10 + 2 or 10 + 3 years of any vocational course/polytechnic

Learning Method

  • Classroom based

Admission Procedure

First come first serve basis. Our open admission policy is rare among design institutes. We don’t judge a student by their past but their present capabilities and the promise they hold to make it big in the future.

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INIFD Certification


LST (BAC Accredited) Certification


Autodesk AutoCAD Certified Professional


IIID Certification


MSBSD Certification

What are the future opportunities?

As a responsible and dedicated interior design institute in Mumbai, INIFD is dedicated to providinginternship,placementassistance and access to networking programs that help students and alums navigate their creative careers and build industry connections. We have a dedicated placement cell to ensure that every qualified student gets placed. We have a significant placement score at INIFD SOBO and that makes us one of the best interior design colleges in Mumbai.

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