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6 Ways to Build a Sustainable Wardrobe on Budget

6 Ways to Build a Sustainable Wardrobe on Budget

As an aspiring fashion designer looking for fashion design courses in South Mumbai or fashion design colleges in South Mumbai, you need to realize the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. Buying more and being fashionable is something almost everyone likes to do. But very few envision the impact of bulk buying on the planet!

They say the change starts with you. So, as a fashion lover and if you want to become a responsible fashion designer, you should start it all from your wardrobe. Accordingly, here’s how to build a sustainable wardrobe on a budget.

Build a Sustainable and Responsible Wardrobe in Six Easy Ways!

Build a Sustainable and Responsible Wardrobe in Six Easy Ways!

The fewer clothes you buy, the more you contribute to the planet. Of course, merely you alone doing it wouldn’t make a significant impact. But if everyone in the world becomes responsible and uses fewer clothes, the production volumes would automatically plummet and help reduce resource consumption. Coming back to your wardrobe space, here’s what you can do to build a sustainable wardrobe.

Reuse Your Old Outfits

You shouldn’t discard an outfit only because it has aged. Take it out and wear it again. Chances are that you might once again fall in love with it! An old one can make up for a trendy and elegant alternative. That will also help you save a lot of time and money otherwise spent in searching for and buying new clothes.

Buy Used Clothes

Using used clothes is considered somewhat taboo by most. But do your notions matter more than the planet? Ideally, if an outfit is well-maintained and in wearable condition, you should consider buying used clothes. Second-hand or used clothes not only help prevent new purchases but also are way more cost-effective than new ones.

Swap Your Outfits

In addition to the above, you can swap your clothes with your friends, siblings, other family members like cousins, etc., if you like a particular outfit of each other. It can help both save the effort in spending time, money and effort in buying new clothes.

Rent Apparels

Renting isn’t as popular in India. But perhaps, you may popularize it as a trend within your circles. A graceful one-piece or a stylish three-piece suit could be rented, rather than bought. With millions following it, the demand for new clothes and their production volumes would plunge considerably.

Buy Only When Required

It is fun to buy a new top, T-shirt or pair of trousers every week. But we wish the practice was planet-friendly. Out there, workers manufacturing these clothes spend 16-18 hours a day only to meet the world’s fashion needs and demands! So, even if a million or two people from every country reduce the frequency of buying new clothes, it can help bring production volumes down. While reducing resource consumption, it can lower the stress on the planet and also cut down workloads at the ground level.

Focus on Quality

Focus on the quality of clothes if you are required to buy new clothes. Buying better quality clothes refers to higher longevity. It means you can use the outfit for a longer time without spoiling its appearance of fabric. Thus, instead of buying ten cheap outfits, buy only a couple that although a bit more expensive than the rest, would last long!

A sustainable wardrobe wouldn’t have an immediate and significant impact on the planet. We can only contribute our bit towards the environment through small measures. But collectively, we can contribute much more towards saving resources and making the planet a better place to live. As for fashion design courses in South Mumbai or your search about fashion design colleges in Mumbai, call us at +91 99304 95720. We’d take you through our approach, courses and placements.

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