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Back in the 70s and 80s, people interested in creating outfits used to pursue fashion designing as a hobby. It was a time when the term fashion designing wasn’t as widely used and modern fashion in India was in its nascency.

But as time progressed, the world of fashion became more competitive, requiring aspirants to deliver more competent and commercially valuable designs and outfits.

That created the need for formal education in fashion that could shape an aspirant’s careers and transform them into more capable professionals in the world’s view.

As a contemporary fashion designing aspirant, if you are looking for fashion designing colleges in Mumbai and the best fashion designing course in Mumbai, we’ve got you covered with this blog. It primarily discusses the impact of fashion designing courses on your career and also enlists some of them to help you narrow your search.

Fashion Designing Courses in Mumbai

Mumbai is India’s fashion capital and the home to numerous fashion designing studios, global enterprises, and fashion designing institutes. Accordingly, when it comes to fashion design courses, one can choose from various options and enter the field of fashion design. Here are some courses budding fashion designers may take up.

Fashion Designing Degree Courses

Here’s a list of fashion designing degree courses you may find with various fashion design institutes in Mumbai. Not all courses would be available at every institute. But usually, these are the courses that most fashion design institutes in Mumbai offer.

  • Bachelor of Science- Fashion Design/Textile Design
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)- Fashion and Apparel design
  • Bachelor of Business Administration- Fashion Management

Fashion Designing Diploma Courses

Diploma courses vary in duration from one year to three years. These courses predominantly focus on a particular specialisation and developing technical skills. Some diploma courses include the following.

  • Diploma in Fashion Design
  • Diploma in Fashion and Technology
  • Diploma in Apparel Design
  • Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design

Fashion Designing Certificate Courses

Certificate courses are another excellent alternative for students who can invest about six months to a year in studying fashion design, acquire technical skills and start working in the industry. Some certificate course options include the following.

  • Certificate in Fashion Design
  • Certificate in Fundamental of Fashion Designing
  • Certificate in Draping and Pattern-Making
  • Certificate in Textiles for Interiors and Fashion
  • Certificate Course in Fashion Merchandising

How Do Fashion Designing Courses Shape Your Career?

Pursuing fashion design courses is a must for budding fashion designers who want to enhance their competence and make it big in the fashion world.

Of course, inherent talent undoubtedly matters. But today, the fashion world wants comprehensive professionals who can deliver commercial value with their creations. It is here that fashion designing courses prove useful. Here’s more to the impact of fashion design courses on your career.

  • Building Technical Skills: Contemporary fashion designing courses are designed to meet the industry’s needs. Accordingly, they help you develop technical skills with practical exposure through various tools and technologies. It isn’t possible when you study fashion design in isolation.
  • Expert Interaction Opportunities: Pursuing fashion designing courses with the best institutes involve interacting with celebrity fashion designers and learning from them. It helps add value to your career and enhances their morale.
  • Developing Professional Approach: Fashion designing courses involve learning with experts who are successful fashion designers. These experts help you develop a comprehensive professional approach that proves instrumental in your success and the value you deliver to your employer and the industry.
  • Interning with Fashion Studios: Internships help you get first-hand experience in the industry and acquire practical skills. Most fashion houses provide an internship certificate that adds weight to your profile and proves valuable while searching for employment. In many cases, students interning with a fashion organization can become their employees based on their performance.
  • Getting Placed with Reputed Organisations: Placements form an important reason why many aspirants pursue fashion design courses. Reputed fashion designing institutes provide placement assistance, thus helping students kickstart their careers comprehensively.

Transform into a fashion designer the fashion world would want to hire with INIFD SOBO – one of the best fashion designing colleges in Mumbai. INIFD SOBO offers you the opportunity to learn with industry experts, veterans and celebrities, participate in global fashion shows and build a solid portfolio to increase your market visibility. Connect with us at +91 99304 95720 to learn more about our fashion design courses. you would also like Fashion Designing Colleges Mumbai Complete Guide.

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