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If you want to become a competent interior designer, it is imperative to pursue an interior design course. A well-designed interior course provides quality education and helps you develop the skills you need to transform into an interior design professional. Of course, with quality education comes a cost. So, what are the fees for interior design courses in Mumbai? Here are the fees for various interior designing courses in Mumbai.

Fees for Interior Design Course in Mumbai

Interior designing institutes in Mumbai offer one-year, two-year and three-year interior designing courses. The fees for the certificate, degree and diploma in interior designing course are mentioned in the below table.

Note: The fees are average, approximate and current. It may vary with the institute you choose and the institute’s offerings.

Interior design courses in Pune fees 2023-2024

Course Name and Duration Approximate Average Fee Range
Bachelor in Interior Design (3 years)
Diploma in Interior Design (1-3 years)
Certificate Course in Interior Design (6 months to 1 year)

Value to Expect from Fees for Interior Design Courses in Mumbai

Fees don’t merely include education and classroom sessions. Instead, the fees should include a comprehensive value package that proves useful for the students. Here’s what should look for while assessing interior design course fees in Mumbai.

  • A safe, secure and supportive Learning environment
  • Latest learning infrastructure
  • Comprehensive course curriculum
  • Internship and placement assistance
  • Faculty members and their credentials
  • Accommodation assistance

Consider visiting INIFD South Mumbai if you are looking for a degree, certificate or diploma in interior designing course in Mumbai. We are among the elite league of interior designing institutes in Mumbai with top-quality education. Additionally, we are a student-centric organisation with the highest regard for students and that strives to deliver the best possible. Call us at +91 99304 95720 to know more fees for interior designing courses.

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