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Fashion design courses in Mumbai fees 2024

Fashion design Course Fees

DA thriving career avenue, fashion design is also a world where glamour and global exposure know no boundaries. No wonder, every year, thousands of aspirants enrol in fashion design courses across various cities in India. If you also are one, allow us to congratulate you! You’ve made the right decision to become a fashion designer and tap into the mammoth opportunities available in this stream. But like every other fashion aspirant, you also might have some common concerns and questions in your mind. The most common one we’ve seen is fashion design course fees. So, let’s answer it!

Factors Determining the Annual Course Fees for Fashion Designing

Before talking about fashion design course fees, it would help to know the factors influencing the annual course fees for fashion designing. The most vital ones include.

  • The Course Syllabus: The fashion design course syllabus plays a vital role in determining the course fee. What matters here isn’t the number of subjects being taught but their relevance and how comprehensive each one is from the viewpoint of shaping an aspirant’s career.
  • Practical Exposure: Practical exposure is another significant aspect. It involves exposure to various domestic and global fashion events, and interactions with celebrity fashion designers, industry stalwarts and experienced fashion design professionals.
  • Learning Infrastructure: The institute’s learning infrastructure also matters. Advanced infrastructure naturally has a higher annual course fee associated with it. However, if you consider education an investment, you wouldn’t think as much about the course fees if the institute commits to opportunities to learn the latest software, tools and technologies.
  • Internships and Placements: While internships. help you gain first-hand experience in the industry, placements help you kickstart your career. Both are crucial from the viewpoint of long-term career growth and progression. Usually, institutes offering internships and placements offer fashion design courses at a premium cost. But considering the opportunities you’d get in the long run, paying higher fees is undoubtedly worth it.
Fashion design course fees in Mumbai

Fashion Design Courses in Mumbai Fee Structure

The average fashion design course fee in Mumbai in 2024-2025 fares in the range of Rs. Rs. 2,37 810-/per year. However, depending on the value offered, some institutes might offer fashion design courses in Mumbai at a fee higher or lower than the said average range. For more and specific details about the fashion design course fees, you should connect with the respective institute and make an informed decision.

INIFD Fee Structure – Fashion Design

At INIFD, we offer premium quality education at the most reasonable fashion design annual fees. Here’s INIFD fee structure according to the fashion design courses we offer.

Course NameDuration of Fashion Designing CourseCourse Fee
Fashion Designing One Year1 yearsRs. 2,37,810-/ per year
Fashion Designing Two Years2 yearsRs. 2,37,810-/ per year
Fashion Designing Three Years3 yearsRs. 2,37,810-/ per year

Why Join INIFD Mumbai for Fashion Design Courses?

Here are some reasons making us one of the best choices for fashion design courses.

  • Reasonable course fee and premium quality education
  • Industry-oriented and continuously updated curriculum
  • Focus on helping students build technical proficiency and professional skills
  • Internships and placements with some of the best fashion houses in India
  • Live interactions with celebrity fashion designers and industry mentors
  • Competent learning infrastructure and support
  • Exposure at global fashion events

Call us at +91 9930495720 to learn more about our fashion design course fees. You would also like blog: Complete Guide Fashion Design Colleges

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