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The fashion world offers several opportunities for those who want to tap into them. Fashion styling is one of them. If you are looking to leverage such diverse opportunities into the fashion industry, INIFD, one of the best fashion designing colleges in Mumbai, is here to empower you! Let’s delve a bit deeper into fashion styling.

Fashion Styling is the art of coordinating all aspects of a person’s visual aesthetic. INIFD’s Fashion styling course curriculum involves selecting the apt clothing, accessories and makeup to create a look for editorial features, celebrities or other media campaigns.

We help students develop a profound knowledge of fashion trends, colour schemes, art, design and fashion history. In addition, we aim to develop a deep understanding of different face and body shapes, techniques of styling and makeup application.

The knack of styling lies in the art of making the person look fashionable and appealing. The knowledge of hair and makeup is vital to put a visually appealing look together.

what is the difference between a fashion designer and a fashion stylist?

A fashion designer designs and makes clothes. On the other hand, a fashion stylist puts a look together. They do not design or make clothes. Fashion stylists work in various sectors or with public figures and celebrities. They participate in fashion shows, brand events and various fashion industry events to stay abreast of the latest trends across the fashion industry.

In addition, fashion stylists source clothing from various brands and manufacturers and assist buyers for major retail chains. INIFD in collaboration with Design OTP forms the foundation of fashion styling and makeup so that students can experiment with techniques and excel in the trade.

Course Contents

  • Introduction of Fashion Styling
  • Study of different Body shapes and Face structure
  • Color Analysis
  • Fashion Forecast
  • Photography
  • Photoshoot & Editing
  • Mens wear and Women’s Wear Silhouttes
  • Editorial Fashion Styling
  • Art direction
  • Commercial Styling
  • Personal /Celebrity Styling
  • Historical Referencing in Fashion
  • Visual Merchandising

Learning Outcome- By the end of this course you will have :

  • Learn different aspects and segments of Fashion Styling
  • End to End process of Styling
  • Fashion Styling Portfolio
  • Various methods to communicate styling outcome -
  • Take up Styling projects

Additional Career Opportunities

Fashion Styling:

Fashion styling refers to the art and practice of styling clothes to match the user’s needs, preferences and tastes. Fashion styling requires a high level of creativity and logic to balance between creativity, the client’s needs and at the same time elegance.

Fashion Stylist (Celebrity,Editorial and Commercial Styling):

A celebrity fashion stylist is a critical job as it involves styling outfits of celebrities, high-profile people, and for editorials. They have to be even more careful while styling outfits and accessories as their creations are highlighted in public and worn by celebrities, etc. who have a reputation to keep.

Personal Stylist:

A personal stylist helps their clients create the most suitable image by selecting outfits and accessories that match their style.

Image Consultant:

This is another significant career avenue. Image consultants focus on

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