A Proud moment for INIFD South Mumbai as we are awarded as the Top Private New Age Design Institute 2024 by Times of India, Mumbai

At INIFD, we pride ourselves on providing our students with a global platform. We empower them with knowledge and skills while providing optimal exposure during and after their course. Our association with the London School of Trends (LST), a British Accreditation Council (BAC) accredited premier institution, is a feather in our cap. Collaboratively, we make a difference in our students’ careers and make them capable of making it big as working professionals or entrepreneurs in the industry. No wonder, we are counted among the best fashion andinterior designing colleges in Mumbai!

About London School of Trends

UK-based and London-headquartered LST has left a mark in the design industry for two decades. It offers a comprehensive curriculum and is known as a premier institution regulated by acclaimed academic leaders and industry pioneers.

INIFD and LST ensure that candidates get the best training, exposure, and international academic experience in London. We provide it at a very reasonable expense. In addition, we ensure that when candidates sign up for programmes with LST, they get ideal options for accommodation and learning.

London is the global nerve of fashion and culture. It is driven by architectural inspirations, historical references and the intersection of contemporary and cosmopolitan culture. The city is the perfect location for students from the school of fashion and design to gain worldwide knowledge.

But that’s not it. While in London, candidates also experience the city’s vibrant culture as the world’s bustling fashion capital. INIFD’s tie-up with LST meets every student’s educational needs and the perks of a thriving environment to grow in.

INIFD’s students also present their collections at New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. Showcasing their creations on such massive and globally renowned international platforms is a dream come true for students.

We consider fashion and design as ever-evolving subjects. Thus, we aim to provide students with opportunities to experience the real world to expose students and enable them to gain industry connections before they graduate.

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