A Proud moment for INIFD South Mumbai as we are awarded as the Top Private New Age Design Institute 2024 by Times of India, Mumbai

INIFD’s interior design courses in Mumbai help create comprehensive interior professionals. One of the many skills we develop via our interior design courses in Mumbai is Interior stylists. Interior stylists craft beautiful indoor spaces like a room or products for a photoshoot like furniture or dining. They are expert interior professionals who arrange or source furniture and prepare finishes. While interior design modifies a place’s structure, interior stylists reward it with an individual style. They focus only on the final stages of interior design and usually apply finishing touches to give a space the expected aesthetic effect.

Our Interior Styling course trains students in creating meaningful spaces. It involves learning how to optimise a space via finishing touches and various aesthetic arrangements per the needs of the residents.

Module Duration: 1 Month - Course Contents

  • Visual Language of design
  • History of Interior Styling and Architecture
  • Design Styles
  • Space Planning
  • Lighting
  • Colours
  • Interior Finishes
  • Decorative Textiles and Fabrics
  • Furniture Art and Accessories
  • Visual Communication

Learning Outcome - By the end of this course you will have

  • Student will be able to suggest changes in spaces according to different themes and interior design styles to make a space aesthetically pleasing, functional, and comfortable to use.
  • Student will able to communicate effectively with clients, contractors, builders, etc. and consult them in a variety of sections like lighting, fixtures and furnishing, art, accessories, choosing a color scheme, materials, drafting and reading a floor plan, etc. to name a few roles.
  • To suggest minor and major structural changes for a variety of rooms of commercial and residential spaces.
  • To able to suggest clients on how to select the right type of materials for ceiling, flooring, accessories, lighting, wall ministration, furniture, and other essential elements as per the purpose of a space.
  • Student will be able to negotiate, plan, budget, procure raw materials and communicate effectively with clients, vendors, and contractors.
  • Students will be able to advise retailers, entrepreneurs, and boutique owners on how they can attract customers into their store by implementing particular themes and creating captivating displays and guide students on how to prepare material boards.

Additional Career Opportunities

Blogger: If you can articulate your thoughts as effectively and efficiently as your interior designs, you may take up interior design blogging. While enabling you to express your creativity in words, it can also serve as an additional source of income. However, as a blogger, while being creative, you also need to have researching skills and the ability to take criticism and feedback.

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