A Proud moment for INIFD South Mumbai as we are awarded as the Top Private New Age Design Institute 2024 by Times of India, Mumbai

New York Fashion Week

At INIFD, our students get a chance to participate in the New York Fashion Week. The New York Fashion Week is an elite event held in February and September every year. Here, fashion designers showcase their innovations to buyers, the press and the general public.

London Residential Program

Our London Residential Program is another excellent opportunity to get valuable international exposure. It comprises an extensive number of industry workshops and expert lectures. The program provides exposure that provides many opportunities to create a 360-degree portfolio and participate in shoots that help them catch a glimpse of how the real world functions. In addition, the London Residential Program organizes various fashion street tours and market visits to help students explore real world markets, learn how to deal with vendors, discover the creativity of other designers. On the other hand, interior design students are taken to various reputed interior design studios, where they have one-to-one interactions with entrepreneurs and learn various aspects of the trade from them. Overall, the program is an excellent opportunity for students to upgrade their skills and explore the world.

London Fashion week

The London Fashion Week is another haute couture event held in London twice a year in February and September. The fashion week showcases the creativity of hundreds of fashion designers worldwide. INIFD’s students enjoy extensive exposure across such global fashion events. They get to exhibit their creativity and portfolio at the London Fashion Week, where designers, celebrities, models, fashion agencies and sponsors worldwide watch and assess their talent!

Bangkok Residential Program

Benefits of visiting Bangkok Educational Residential program

  • Bangkok is the capital of streetwear and the hub of luxury brands. Visiting the city and exploring its fashion dimension helps students learn about the latest fashion trends, visual merchandising, and visual displays.
  • The visit helps students develop a solid design portfolio, especially because it proves a source of inspiration for ideas to incorporate from Bangkok. They also help them refine their designs and encourage them to do better.
  • Students also get to learn a lot from Market Survey and about the materials available in international markets related to the trade.
  • They also learn about the latest methods, techniques, and technology used internationally.
  • Students acquire practical knowledge and experience of marketing, brands and products.
  • Interior and fashion students get to see the world's best designed malls, biggest furniture brand outlets and street markets, where tradition meets modernity.

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